360° Psychotherapie | 7x in Berlin

360° Psychotherapie | 7x in Berlin

360° Psychotherapie Berlin psychotherapy english

You are having a mental crisis and need immediate help in English?

You do not know how to help yourself on your own?

You’re searching for professional help because of psychological distress?

You’re searching for a practice close to you?

360° Psychotherapie – 6x in Berlin.

Located in Mitte, Neukölln, Pankow, Reinickendorf, Steglitz and Weißensee.

Immediate start of therapy

Therapy sessions available. First appointment within a week!


Flexible therapy appointments

Monday to Friday, 8 am until 9 pm.


Coverage of costs by your health insurance

Immediate start of therapy possible for private insurers, self-payers, medical care provided by the state (e.g. for soldiers, etc.), BKK VBU and Bahn BKK. For most of the other health insurance companies, we support you with your application for reimbursement of costs.


Helpful and competent

We are specialized in treating adult psychological problems. In addition to their diploma or master’s degree in psychology, all of our psychologists have the German, state-approved accreditation as psychological psychotherapists with the focal point on behavioral therapy. This accreditation certifies an additional apprenticeship of at least three years following the university programme. Some of our therapists provide therapy in English.

„I am aiming to provide the best possible treatment for each patient. Integrating psychotherapy in our patient’s daily life through flexible therapy appointments and close-by local offices is my aspiration.“

– Judith Kerchner (practice owner, psychological psychotherapist)

Close to you! Our locations in Berlin.


Berliner Allee 88
13088 Berlin


Gormannstraße 14
10119 Berlin


Scharnweberstraße 14
13405 Berlin


Schloßstraße 42A
12165 Berlin


Binzstraße 3
13189 Berlin

Our english-speaking psychotherapists:

Judith Kerchner
Nadja Nadolny
Anni Bönninger
Julia Eck Psychotherapie Psychotherapeutin
Nadja Nadolny
Nadja Nadolny

Unanswered questions?

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you still have any questions. You could use our contact form or give us a call.

Phone: 030 586 19 84 84

Arrange an appointment

If you wish to arrange an appointment, you can easily find an open appointment slot in our online calendar and book directly. You can also call us to arrange an appointment.

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